Some History

IAPS was officially founded in 1981, although its origins go back to a series of successful conferences in several European countries from 1969 onwards. IAPS is now well-established, and has an international membership.

Biennial conferences have now been held in:

1982: Barcelona, Spain “People and their Physical Surroundings”
1984: Berlin, Germany “Environment and Human Action”
1986: Haifa, Israel “Environments in Transition”
1988: Delft, The Netherlands “Looking Back to the Future”
1990: Ankara, Turkey “Culture Space History”
1992: Marmaras, Greece “Socio-Environmental Metamorphoses, Builtscape, Landscape, Ethnoscape, Euroscape”
1994: Manchester, UK “The Urban Experience, A People-Environment Perspective”
1996: Stockholm, Sweden “Evolving Environmental Ideals, Changing Ways of Life, Values and Design Practices”
1998: Eindhoven, The Netherlands “Shifting Balances, Changing Roles in Policy, Research and Design”
2000: Paris, France: “Metropolis 21st Century, Cities, Social Life and Sustainability, Which Prespectives?”
2002: A Coruña, Spain: “Culture, Quality of Life and Globalization – Problems and Challenges for the New Millenium”
2004: Vienna, Austria: “Evaluation in Progress”
2008: Roma, Italy: “Urban diversities, biosphere and well-being: designing and managing our common environment”
2010: Leipzig, Germany: “Vulnerability, Risk and Complexity: Impacts of Global Change on Human Habits
 2011:  Daegu, Korea: International Networks Symposium


Glasgow, UK: “Human Experience in the Natural and Built Environment: Implications for Research Policy and Practice”


If you currently are a member of IAPS, and have access to the Members section, please download Bulletin N 30, the Special Issue about the 25 Years of IAPS (1981-2006), because it contains many interesting articles about how IAPS has developed, some reflections about current and future challenges, the impact of its work, and most of all important personal reflections on what can IAPS meean to each of us.