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Philip Waters

Throughout his career Phil has worked with thousands of children in many different contexts using play as both a vehicle for transformation, while also valuing and celebrating its intrinsic value in children’s daily life experiences. Phil has written and delivered various playwork training programmes in the UK and the USA.

Phil has a particular interest in children’s fiction and in the nature of how stories can be used as cultural and social tools for transformation. A keen writer, publishing material on play and children’s participation, Phil’s best kept secret (other than a two-year stint playing Mr Blobby for a theme park!) is writing a children’s novel.

Collectively all these elements conspire to make the content for Phil’s PhD: Narrative Journey – A pedagogical tool connecting children and nature

The aim of this European Social Fund supported PhD research is to develop and test ‘Narrative Journey’ as a tool that can be used by a range of practitioners working with children, who would like to increase children’s physical, social and altruistic activities and relationships with the natural world.

For further details of ‘Narrative Journey’ as an applied pedagogy, the link below provides details of a paper entitled: Trees Talk: Are You Listening?