Congresses & Events

IAPS holds a major conference every two years. These conferences have until now been held in Europe and Western Asia.

IAPS is very keen to support conferences which are compatible with the objectives of the Association and in which our members will have an interest and may indeed be attending and speaking. For example, a way to support related conferences is to offer to organise a paper session. By these means the IAPS Board will put together a themed symposium, including supplying the speakers. We believe this is an excellent way of encouraging collaboration between organisations, and for this reason we will always try to look favourably on any request by another organisation to organise such a session at one of the IAPS conferences.

IAPS was proud to lend its support to the TELPA 2011 conference in Tlalnepantla Mexico this November 21st through the 25th.  The conference is the Third Latin-American Meeting on Environmental Psychology, with a focus on Environmental Psychology and Sustainability.  This year IAPS board member Giusseppe Carrus will speak at the conference conference.  Please download an English Prospectus for TELPA2011 here.


The Networks also organise symposia and conferences.

IAPS is very keen to have links with sister organisations, and we are constantly looking for ways in which these relationships can benefit the membership. For example, it has been agreed that members of EDRA, MERA and PAPER will get reduced rate registration fees for IAPS Conferences. This is in turn reciprocated so that if an IAPS member attends an EDRA Conference they pay the same fee as an EDRA member. Membership of IAPS also enables reduced subscription rates to various journals.


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