There are several reasons why it is a good idea to join IAPS and become one of its numerous members.
  • The right to vote and stand for membership of the Board
  • Reduced fees for attending conferences and seminars.
  • Free copies of the IAPS newsletter. This contains research summaries, articles, reviews, letters, lists of references, and general news of the research field. 2 issues a year, one of them always a special edition on a selected topic.
  • The right to become part of our Networks, and join their activities, discussions, events.
  • Join the Listserve and get regular updates about jobs, events, discussions..
  • Reduced subscription rates for specified journals (see Journals page)
  • The right to be listed in and receive a copy of the Directory of IAPS members, with contacts, specialisms etc.
  • But most of all, once you are a member, you will be part of a lively community where disciplines interact, discuss, collaborate! So hurry up!