Activities & Remit

IAPS Congress ,every 2 years. This is the main event (up to 450 participants) hosted by one of the IAPS members, revolving around a theme of crucial importance to human development and the environment.

Several activities are part of the Congress, such as Network Meetings, Young Researchers’ Workshop, Photographic Exhibition ..

Click on this link for conference guidlines: IAPS Conference Guidelines 2011

IAPS 2010: Leipzig, Germany, June 27th July 2nd, 2010. “Vulnerability, Risk and Complexity: Impacts of global Change on Human Habitats”

Thematic Networks, to foster and encourage innovative work on specific areas. The Networks carry out independent work which is featured through the IAPS website and Bullettin, as well as publications, websites etc. Each Network meets regularly at each Congtess and in between.

IAPS Bullettin – A very informative and rich selection of articles, events, reviews and crucial information. Three issues a Year (there will be exciting changes soon, so keep checking) which members receive in paper and can also download from the Member’s page.

Young Researchers’ Network – A resource for all those wishing to study in the field of Environment-Behaviour studies, get feedback, meet experienced researchers and practitioners. Also, an opportunitiy to take part to the Young Researchers’ Woprkshop, a competitive event linked to the Congress where the best and most promising work will received a peer-reviewed award.

Bibliography – An up to date resource referencing all the most innovative work published in the field, constantly updated and available to members.

Digital Library – an up to date resource featuring all abstracts from the past Congresses. This gets updated regularly, is very rich and unique.

Links and Jobs – A list of online resources which could be of interest to IAPS members, featuring theoretical and practical work in the field. this includes also links to Schools and Institutions which are simpathetic to IAPS’ interests. We are also starting to compile a list of sites which advertise jobs in the field, but we need everybody’s help for this, so please send us links and ideas.